How is PsoriaSol®247 used?

How is PsoriaSol®247 used?
PsoriaSol salt can be used for full baths (whole body) or partial baths (hands, arms or legs).

At fever or temperature, infectious deseases or cardiovascular diseases, it is generally NOT advisable to have warm baths!

Full bath with PsoriaSol®247

The water temperature should be between 30-37 °C / 86-98°F. Please give 2 kg PsoriaSol®247 salt into the bath tub (approx. 150 liters/33 gallons water). PsoriaSol®247 dissolves by stirring the water with the hands.
We recommend a bathing time between 20-30 minutes and the whole body should be covered by water. If the bathing water cools down, you can refill with new warm water. It will not reduce the effect of PsoriaSol®247. Should you suddenly feel unwell during the bath or get cardiovascular problems, stop bathing immediately.
Do not rinse your body with clear water after the bath. Dry your skin gently (not rubbing) with a soft towel. To achieve the maximal effect, we recommend to rest warmly covered for 30-60 minutes.
Recommendation: for an optimal result you should take a bath twice a week (for a period of 3 month).

Partial bathing

Dissolve 100 gram PsoriaSol®247 in 3 liters/0,7 gallons warm water between 30-37 °C / 86-98°F.
You can now bath hands, arms or legs for a time of 20-30 minutes.
Recommendation: daily bathing, but at least 2-3 times a week gives an optimal result.

Proportion of mixture:

Full bath: 2 kg PsoriaSol®247 on about 150 liters/33 gallons warm water
Partial bathing: 100 gram PsoriaSol®247 on about 3 liters/0,7 gallons warm water
Recommended bathing time: 20-30 minutes
To achieve the optimal nurture of your skin, we suggest you use PsoriaSol®247 twice a week over a period of at least 12 weeks.
Supplementary care treatment
It is advisable applying a body lotion or moisturizer containing 3-5 % urea.


• PsoriaSol®247 is to keep out of reach for children
• DO NOT use other bath salts, solutions or soaps together with PsoriaSol®247
• Medical prescriptions and therapies recommended by your dermatologist should be continued
• Durability: unopened for at least 30 month